Success depends on many criteria, which are based, usually laid computation and calculations, to multiply the signs and digits. The success of Tourkeystay calculated by other means, with smiles and shining faces of our guests have experienced unforgettable and unique moments in amazing Istanbul. Tourkeystay especially values its partnerships. Because of our main partner for many years became Istanbul, which allowed us to create a program of tours, which will introduce not only the history and culture of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, but also allow to touch the world of the East, which to this day retains its mysteriousness. To create more comfort, we made sure that every step of our guests in holiday destinations was surrounded by care and attention.

• That’s why Tourkeystay represents an opportunity for our guests to not only create your own tour by combining declared tours, but also to spend your holidays in our carefully selected accommodations Worldwide.

• We understand how important the first impression for our guests that sometimes begins from the airport. Therefore Tourkeystay provides meeting guests at the airport and transfer, thereby allowing guests to enjoy pleasant moments of exploring holiday destination.

• Tourkeystay creates an incredible feeling that in every destination dreams always come true. The team not once convinced of this. Therefore, with a willing of help to carry out that, perhaps, our guests did not dare to do before, Tourkeystay cheerfully provide their knowledge and experience for to organize that special holiday that will be remembered for years.

• Tourkeystay has definite goals, one of which - to change the usual things for something better. Therefore, the confidence that during business trips it is possible just work once melted after meeting with the Tourkeystay team, that will take care of any organization of events, giving our guests the opportunity to spend time alone with city.